The best entertainment when you’re bed-ridden? Watching the nurse trying to cut your neighbor’s nails – hilarious!

The best entertainment when you're bed-ridden? Watching the nurse trying to cut your neighbors nails - hilarious!

sept 16 19440001

Sat. Sept 16, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

The miracle did happen, we got “Mr. Winkle Goes To War” last nite. For once, I could really laugh at his training having had some myself. Another funny thing was when he’s shown in the hospital with the same kind of gray pajamas all us bed patients wear.

The major’s up to his old tricks again. Carl was supposed to come out of traction yesterday afternoon, then this morning, then Monday. We wonder if he’ll make it by next Friday.

I have a new trick. All of a sudden I found that I could rock my splint up and down just by using my right leg. It’s funny about those things. I try and try to do them with no success then BANG! I can do it. It worked that way with sitting up, touching my toes and rocking the splint. It’s a cinch to sit up now and I don’t have to go thru all those fancy preparations either. I just sit up. And as for touching my toes, why now I can grab my foot let alone touch my toes.

We have a new nurse and boy! She’s a wildcat. She wanted to cut the nails of one fellow who has them as large as claws, but he said no and they fought it out. She kept banging his fingers with her scissors and he kept grabbing her hands and pushing her away until ended five minutes later in a draw. It was really funny.

I got your first letter from home today. Also last Sundays nquirere only four days late, but also Thur. Inquirer and Wed Bulletin. I guess the Sunday paper was delayed somehow.

Hope your hay fever is better.

That’s all,


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