Traction will make your knee pretty stiff. Bruce’s mom gets a compliment

Traction will make your knee pretty stiff.  Bruce's mom gets a compliment

sept 19, 1944 pg2

Tuesday, September 19 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

So the “children” are corresponding eh? Huh, that’s a laugh! Did she say anything else about Betty and me?

I can press down on the splint and push it away from my leg around the break leaving my leg from the calf to the hip hanging in mid-air. Then I even shake my leg and try to bend to knee which will bend about one inch, if that. It’s funny how the knee will get so stiff just from inactivity. It will work itself loose eventually by itself or help from physio-therapy.

Carl had his cast cut, and now he can sit all the way up and moves all around the bed. He’ll probably get in a wheel chair today or tomorrow.

Boy, I always forget. When I first got your picture everyone said, upon finding that it was you, “Why, she looks so young to be your mother!” etc.

I finished “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” and will start a new novel by Nordhoff and Hall about some Frenchmen who escaped from Devil’s Island. Our new movie series will probably bring “Pin-Up Girl with Betty Grable, tonite.

Last nite I got over on my left side as far as possible, which was pretty far, and tried to sleep that way. Because of my position the sheet was pulled way out from my right side and I had to give the whole thing up because the air-conditioning was a little too much to suit me.
We should have a Red Cross game this afternoon. Time will tell.
It’s getting sort of hot again with a cloudless sky for a change.
That’s all
Love, Bru


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