Bruce wears pants, tries out a wheel chair, and works on plans for a visit from his mom

Bruce wears pants, tries out a wheel chair, and works on plans for a visit from his mom

sept 26 1944 p2

Wednesday, September 27, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

First day with pants on since July 12.-Hooray. I celebrated by getting in a wheel chair (after quite a process, which will come more easily as I get used to it) and went on a tour of inspection around the ward. I even went down to the x-ray room for new films and went around a few of the corridors. But boy, is that thing hard to push. It’s easier when I go backwards like rowing a boat, but still it’s quite a job. Probably wear blisters soon. I’m learning how to scoot around the bed a little and yesterday I was helped over on my stomach. Maybe after practice I can do that myself. If I can find somebody to push me, I’ll go to a movie or show tonite. Last nite, in the ward we had “Canterville Ghost” with Chas. Laughton. It was a very enjoyable tale about a likable ghost. See it.

The cast isn’t as bad as I had expected. I slept pretty good last nite.

Gee mom, the train I came out on had swell air conditioned coaches with reclining chairs. Plenty of sleepers too. We had to pass thru them in order to reach the dining car. Of course our car was dirty, hot and what have you but the rest of the train looked pretty good. It was St. Louis and South Western or something like that, but I don’t think it comes to Temple. The Sante Fe and Kansas, Missouri and Texas (or something like that) do stop at Temple. I’m not sure if these lines are air conditioned or not out of St. Louis. I’ll try to find out.

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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