Now I guess I’ll be seeing you in Texas.

Now I guess I’ll be seeing you in Texas.

sept 23 1944 p2

Saturday, September 23, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Well I have both good and bad news. This morning I had more x-rays taken and these are the ones that count. If they’re OK, I think, I’ll be out within a week. The major also said that a new directive has come from the Surgeon General in Washington saying that no more transfers are to be had except for very special cases of which I am not one. So that ends that. Now I guess I’ll be seeing you in Texas. Have you any idea when you’re coming if you are? Also is Paulie coming with you?

Thanks for the pictures. Last nite we saw Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly in “Christmas Holiday.” It’s a deep drama with a very bewildering ambiguous, and screwy ending. Nobody, included me could figure out or arrive at the same conclusion about the ending.

The cadet nurse and I had our ocarina-tonette duet yesterday. It ended when half the patients had their heads covered with pillows and the captain walked in to see what was the matter. But all in all the music wasn’t too bad.

So the PTC(?) has finally caught on, huh? How big is he now anyway. He seems to have shot up over the summer.

My ship model is coming along fine now.
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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