sept 25 1944 p2

Monday, September 25, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

I’m still in traction but I hope to come out this afternoon. This morning the major came up and said, “Ready to come out?” I answered,”Definitely!” I mentioned that the pin had slid over to one side so that the brace was pressing against my leg, so he fixed it. First of all, he started sliding it back very slowly then bang! It slid all the (way) over and hit my leg with the other side of the brace. I gave out with a very startled,”Whoops!” He laughed and slide it back again but again it went clear to the other side and again I went,”Whoops!” everyone was roaring because my exclamations sounded so funny. They were purely spontaneous and just came out. He slid it back finally into a better position. It didn’t hurt too much, but had a stinging sensation, which went away in a few minutes. I’m told it will hurt even less when he takes the pin clear out. If I get a cast and most probably I will, I will be in it about a month, after which comes a leg brace. That’s when I learn to walk again, first with crutches then without.

I believe we’ll have some sort of game today. Two of the fellows have a birthday on Friday, so the Red Cross is going to give us a birthday party with, at least, one birthday cake.

I just filled out a form requesting our opinions etc. on the P.A. system, including what kind of music we like, band leaders, singers etc. and also if we want to enroll in one of a number of music classes. I picked Music Appreciation.

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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