A friend from home – deep in the heart of texas

A friend from home - deep in the heart of texas

Oct. 2 1944 p2

Monday, October 2, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Guess who’s coming to visit me today? – Betty Eaton! Yep, I just found out, entirely by accident, that she’s stationed here. This morning I went down to the O.T. shop and as I passed by the office I heard someone mention a Miss Eaton, “Miss Eaton!,” I yelled, “Betty Eaton?” “Yes,” replied the O. T. there. So immediately I asked if I could see her as she was at her office in the physio-therapy building. She was busy at the time, when the O.T. telephoned her, but Betty said she would come to the ward this afternoon. I wonder if anyone else I know is here. I bet!

I talked to two fellows who just came back from furloughs, concerning transportation. They admitted that it wasn’t too good and just a matter of luck whether you get a seat or not, or an air conditioned coach or an old straight backed affair.

Hello Mrs. Hirshorn,
Guess who-yes it’s me way down Texas way with your Bruce. It’s so nice to see him! He is really quite the boy since I last saw you all.
Ginny Laning is going in the Waves soon. Hope to see you soon-
Betty Eaton

Betty just came in but had to go back very soon. She’ll come again. O Yes, about the trains again. So, maybe it’s best not to take Paul altho find out all you can about good trains before you make up your mind.

Saw a good show yesterday. The star was a little girl, about 8, who we prophesize will be in Hollywood next year. She’s darn good-singer, dancer, etc.
I’ll see “Wing and a Prayer” today at the Red Cross-
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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