Adventures in the barber shop…. and much more!

Adventures in the barber shop.... and much more!

Oct. 1 1944 p2

Sunday, October 1, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Well, the start of a new month and the fourth one I’ve seen since I’ve come here. Last nite we went to a strictly amateur variety show. I don’t know where they got the “variety” part of it. It was practically all singers and all stunk.

A new fellow was brought in last nite. He re-broke his arm in a fall, incidentally he has one leg. So, since my traction apparatus was the only one available, I was promptly moved to another bed behind the partition. My bedside partner is a nice fellow and a close friend (happily). It’s much quieter here than back where I came from. At first I missed all the noise and rumpus but I’ll get used to it.

There is another variety show this afternoon and if I can steal a wheel chair, I’ll go. I spent all yesterday in the post barber shop. I waited ¾ hour before I was helped into the chair, then suddenly my barber gets sick and runs out. So I wait another ¾ of an hour before the other barber decides the first one isn’t coming back and he then cuts my hair. It wasn’t too bad, the seats were soft and we were listening to a good football game,

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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