Maybe it’s the atmosphere!

Maybe it’s the atmosphere!

Oct. 3 1944 p2

Tuesday, October 3, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Last nite I saw “Wing and a Prayer,” a very good movie about the Naval Air Corps. This afternoon I’ll try to see “Since You Went Away” and this evening “Going My Way.”

I can really do a lot if I can grab a wheel chair in the morning and hold it all day. You have to, because we’re short 2 or 3 chairs. Oh! I had to laugh when you asked if I’ll be ready for a furlough by the 18th of November. I don’t know, but everybody seems to think that a broken leg is just a little something that is entirely better in a few weeks. I can’t even count the number of letters that asked, “Are you still in the hospital. Listen, by the 18th of November I’ll just be walking on crutches. Figure at least on the middle of December before I can come home.

Since I moved my beds, I have had the most restful sleep since I came here. It’s funny, but I wake up without a pain, ache, or scratch, altho in the other bed my left side always hurt in the morning. Maybe it’s the atmosphere!

Nothing else,
Love, Bru


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