keep me from flying off the table

keep me from flying off the table

Oct. 4 1944 p2

Friday, October 6, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

I’m sorry for not writing yesterday, but I just didn’t get around to it. Since it was only the first time I’ve missed since I came here, it wasn’t so bad.

There was still a slight anterior bow in my bond and the major said it doesn’t mean anything but since they had the chance to fix it, they would. First they cut with a hacksaw clear thru the cast almost all around the leg, then with me on my stomach he stuck in an overgrown pliers in the crack and proceeded to open it more, forcing the cast to bend and press down on the bow. The capt. hung on my leg and practically chinned himself while the major pushed on my back to keep me from flying off the table. It didn’t hurt then, but I just felt it growing VERY tight. They opened the crack about 2 inches –almost the Grand Canyon, then put in a few pieces of sticks stuck together with tape too hold the case in the new position. O.T. started to hurt pretty bad in a few minutes and lasted for a few hours, but I took, yelled for, a pain pill and it subsided about 2 P.M. I can just feel it now but even last night I went to the show and saw the “Merry Monahans.” It’s very enjoyable. Mrs. Hutchison is still here and probably will be for a few more weeks. Her landlady’s address is-
Mrs. Jean Ham
1304 S. Main St.
Temple, Texas

I’m enclosing Oberly’s letter. I didn’t get paid this month because I happened to be out of the ward when the money came around. It wasn’t my fault as I thought they come later. I doesn’t matter, I’ll get 2 months’ pay next month and I have enough to hold me over.
That’s all,
Love, Bru


One thought on “keep me from flying off the table

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to read these letters, Emily. I will make it a point to return to this site often.

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