I’ll go and let them make me appreciate music.

I’ll go and let them make me appreciate music.

oct 8 1944 p2

Sunday, October 8, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Today I finally received Betty’s picture, in fact 3 of them, but I have to take my pick and send the rest back. There was a toss-up between two of them but I finally decided.

I got a slip of paper telling me the time and place of meeting of my music appreciation class. It starts this Wed. afternoon so I’ll go and let them make me appreciate music.

In the past few days I was sort of feeling a little under the weather, but I took some pills last nite and woke up feeling fine and with a normal temperature. At least I slept more since Thur. than I ever had before.

We’re still short of wheel chairs but nothing’s doing today anyway. Yesterday a USO show came thru the wards and entertained us. There was a novel act-a cartoonist had an easel and sketched 3 of the fellows and really made funny caricatures of them.

It’s a nice day again, for a change. I went outside for a while yesterday and the old Texas sun is still pretty strong.

If I’m lucky I’ll see 6 movies this coming week as I did this past week. – 4 at the Red Cross (2 free and 2 for15¢ admissions) and 2 at the ward.

Oh yeh, I got a Vmail from Bru in reply to my letters. He’s in Holland and also said he had spent some time in Paris, about 3 hrs.
That’s all
Love, Bru


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