Has a Hirshorn ever turned down a circus?

Has a Hirshorn ever turned down a circus?

oct 17 1944 p2

Tuesday Oct. 17, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

I just took my pills and to my surprise they had cut the dose in half. Since yesterday my leg stopped hurting and my temperature dropped below the fever level. So, the fever and the wedge went hand in hand. I just have a very slight cough to remind me that I was even sick. Probably I’ll continue gargling for a while.

There was to be some sort of a circus this morning at 10am. I felt well enough and the nurse even asked me if I wanted to go so, – Has a Hirshorn ever turned down a circus? Somehow I got a wheel chair and a friend pushed me outside to the lot where the circus was to take place. We waited with many others, enjoying the sunshine, until the announcement came that due to unavoidable circumstances the circus will be delayed until 12pm. So back we came to the ward where chow is going to be earlier in order to give us time to eat and get back to the circus. (It’s now 11am)

Again, I didn’t get any mail from you or anyone else. I didn’t get a letter from Betty for a long time either. I guess I’ll have to start writing again.

We have two new nurses (Army new). One’s from Penna. and took her training at Temple and the oter’s from Plainfield, NJ where her father works for Sears. I told her about Uncle Bill but she didn’t know him. Her name is Miss Eleanor (I think) (in case you want to tell Uncle Bill)

Well that’s all,
Love, hope to see you soon


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