But that’s where my ambition stopped.

But that's where my ambition stopped.

oct 19 1944 p2

Thurs. Oct 19, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

Last nite I went to the movies and saw “Bride by Mistake” a good, silly, little comedy-romance. It’s hard to get a wheel chair again because one is away being fixed and another is lost. So you just have to trust to luck that one isn’t in use.

I became a little ambitious this morning and fixed my broken ship model. But that’s where my ambition stopped.

We were given a very nice booklet about the hospital this morning. I finished it and will mail it to you, as I think you’ll find it interesting. On the middle pages I marked a few of the buildings that I’ve been mentioning.

It’s getting a little chilly altho yesterday was a very hot day. Just screwy weather but nice and sunny.

A Red Cross worker just came in and I took a few magazines.

O YES! Last nite I talked to the Red Cross about the room and I didn’t find out much more than I knew before. But you can do this: Come direct to the hospital and park yourself in a face room at the Red Cross Building #2. Then you can go to town and find a room. This way you’ll know of a place to sleep and won’t be bothered with carrying around a lot of baggage. But let me know in advance so I can tell them and be sure of your getting a room and try not to come on a weekend because they’re very busy.

That’s all,



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