how she ever got in a circus, God only knows

how she ever got in a circus, God only knows

oct 18 1944 p2

Weds Oct 18, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

We went to see the circus again yesterday and this time we saw it. It wasn’t much of anything let alone a circus – no tent, no trapeze, no animals, no nuttin except 2 acts of tumblers, a few clown tricks, a singer (how she ever got in a circus, God only knows) and a man who plays music on bells. On the way back my chauffer (the fellow who was pushing me) said, “Let’s go to the movies.” Nachurally, I agreed but neither of us knew what was playing. Of course we didn’t let a little thing like that stop us, so we went and saw a very enjoyable picture, “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay.” I guess you’ve heard about it or the book. A funny thing happened there. As I pushed my buggy up to the ticket desk the fellow in front of me turned and handed me a ticket and said, “Here, take this one – I bought one too many.” Of course I accepted, thanked him and saw the show free.

—–Slight pause for talking to you over the telephone. I guess I told you everything I was going to write before you called. Paulie still sounded like a baby, of course he only said a few words, but they were so high-pitched! Maybe it was the telephone!

I guess that’s all



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