I hobbled into a friend’s room and kibitzed over a casino game.

I hobbled into a friend's room and kibitzed over a casino game.

oct 20 1944 p2

Fri, Oct. 20, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

How do you like my new stationary? Just got it from Uncle Harry and Aunt Stel.

I was finally taken off pills this morning. I guess I’m all better.

Last nite I was the victim of a good old fashioned sucker play. One fellow from the ward wanted to borrow my wheel chair for a “few minutes.” I said O.K. but told him I wanted it back because I wanted to go to the movies. Well, I never saw the chair again until he brought it back AFTER the show was over. Nice guy! I should have known better, he pulled the same trick on another fellow the night before.

Finally, yesterday afternoon I found my way into the music room and after waiting for a while, listened to Tchaikovsky’s Fourth. I want to go back and hear his “1812 Overture” and the Danny Kaye album among other records.

While my chair was being swiped last night, I hobbled into a friend’s room (leaning on the shoulder of a ward boy) and kibitzed over a casino game. I had forgotten everything about the game but it came back pretty quick. Maybe I’ll start playing myself.

Enclosed are some answers to questions on the Educational section of the G.I. Bill of Rights. So far I got 1 year and 31 days of free schooling (121 days in army) and since I was hurt in line of duty all my days spent here count as days spent in active serice.

That’s all,



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