My cast wasn’t built for walking

My cast wasn't built for walking

oct 21 1944 p2

Sat. Oct 21, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

Even out of traction, I’ve been trying new tricks, like hopping around my room into the bathroom and even out into the hall and lifting my leg cast and all when I lie down. But yesterday i think i reached the peak, yes, I WALKED ON CRUTCHES. Of course, my cast wasn’t built for walking, but that didn’t make any difference. I got the urge, borrowed a pair (which were a slight bit too small) and walked all the way down to the ward, fooled around a bit, and walked back. My hands were sore, so were my shoulders, and I was sweating like a pig, but it was fun. The fellows took one look at me and said “For christ sake, what are you trying to do” or just gaped or even laughed. I tried it again for a while this morning in the ward but the crutches, this time, were too big, so I gave it up (The captain was also walking down the hall) and hopped back into my chair.

Last night we saw “Mr. Skeffington” in the ward. I can’t get over how ugly they made her look when she was sick. On Tue. I think we are goig to have “Show Business”

After a vacation of about 2 weeks, I’m starting in reading again. I have a swell book about Gloucester fisherman during the war, full of Ships, submarines, Germans, and stuff.

I’m becoming very friendly with a Canadian fellow who enlisted in our army after getting a discharge from the Canadian army. He’s in a private room too and we have a lot of fun ribbing each other among other things.
Maybe I’ll play bingo tonite,

That’s all,

PS – no, my leg doesn’t hurt anymore.


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