I can drop off as easy as rolling off a log.

I can drop off as easy as rolling off a leg.

oct 23 1944 p2

Mon. Oct 23 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

When the major walked in today I said, “Sir, I’ve been in this thing (the cast) 4 weeks today.” He answers, “Well, ordinarily, I’d take you out now, but since you have a wedge in there, we’d keep you in a couple more weeks.” I respond, “Oh”, He says “Oh?” and begins to laugh. Oh well, I don’t really care. Two weeks is nothing if it means I’m to have a better leg for the rest of my life and I don’t really mind the cast too much now. It doesn’t hurt and I can get around pretty easily (but sort of awkwardly) so long as I have some means of transportation. I’ve been on crutches a few times a day now and expect to as long as the major doesn’t catch me. Even if he does I doubt if he’ll say anything. The captain walked by while I was standing in the doorway and just said “Hello”. Heck, if I can stand the next natural thing to try is crutches. But for long distance hauls for movies and shows I’ll stick to my buggy.

Hey, you got me all wrong! I haven’t taken any drugs to help me sleep. I can drop off as easy as rolling off a log. Woke up only once last night and some nights, I go all the way thru. Last nite I tried it on my stomach for a while. Wasn’t bad.

I did a little house cleaning to get rid of some junk and I came across my ocarina. So I decide to keep it for Paul to play with. Same for my boat models.

That’s all,



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