boy was I beaten, bankrupt, ruined!

boy was I beaten, bankrupt, ruined!

oct 24 1944 p2

Tues Oct 24, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

So, I guess you’ll arrive sometime on the 10th. That’s marvelous. I may, probably, be out of my cast by that time. About the weather: Right now it’s cool in the morning but in the afternoon the sun is pretty strong. By the time you come down of course, it may change and get a little cooler all the way around. I asked a nurse and she said that you had better bring a coat, some medium weight dresses and also one that isn’t wool, cotton I suppose, because the weather still is unpredictable and there may be some pretty warm days along with the cool ones. I imagine that the same goes for Paulie’s clothes.

I’ll hang around the ward on Thurs and Fri so I’ll be here if Marian and Marnie come.

Yesterday I discovered a perfectly new, non-opened “Monopoly” game on the side porch. I don’t know where it came from but it was complete except for a pair of dice. I found a few fellows who knew how to play then started asking everyone I saw for a pair of dice – nurses, patients, Red Cross workers, everybody. But all in vain. But suddenly I got a bright idea – the Detention Ward! Of course, they’re bound to have at least one pair of dice there, so I dashed down and sure enough, I borrowed a pair. But it was too late to play so we postponed the game until this morning. I played with one other fellow and boy was I beaten, bankrupt, ruined! I cashed everything I had, property, houses, mortgages, everything but I owed him $2,000 and I didn’t have enough . I had the misfortune to land on Boardwalk where he had built a hotel. $2,000 – cash on the line.

That’s all,



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