So I got one Sunday dinner in the bag

So I got one Sunday dinner in the bag

oct 25 1944 p2

Wed. Oct 25, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

So far I’ve played three Monopoly games, went bankrupt in the first two, but cleaned up and broke everybody in the third game. Boy what game! First the nurse went out, gave me all her money and property and still was in debt. Then the other fellow took on e look at my piles of money and property and buildings and just gave up.

Last nite we saw “Show Business” with Eddie Cantor (?), George Murphy, and Joan Davis. It was swell, very entertaining.

A Red Cross worker came to see me this morning A few weeks ago she came around, noticed my ship models and asked me if I could fix a broken model that she had. I said that I’d try. So, today she brought it to me, but it was too much for me with my limited tools, etc. I told her to take it to O.T. where they could probably fix it. We got to talking and soon she invited me to her house for a Sunday dinner when I can get a pass. She said that she has a few soldiers every Sunday. So I got one Sunday dinner in the bag. (a few months hence)

I’m reading “Life in a Putty Knife Factory,” the book that Herb recommended. It’s pretty screwy. Inspection today but it won’t be anything new.

That’s all,

Love, Bru


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