Bruce bankrupts his friends and gets caught on crutches

Bruce bankrupts his friends and gets caught on crutches

oct 26 1944 p2

Thursday, October 26, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

All day yesterday was spent in playing monopoly. We broke up at about 9:30 PM when for the second time straight I won and bankrupt everybody else.

It’s still pretty hot here. Maybe it’s just a little hot spell but it certainly doesn’t seem like late October. Of course it is a little chilly in the morning but that doesn’t last long.

I spent all yesterday afternoon on crutches, and for the first time, the major saw me. My heart skipped and I murmured “This is it,” but he just said, “Hello,” and walked on. I don’t think what he saw registered. So, this morning I asked him for a pair of crutches and he replied with a smile, “I don’t know what you can do on crutches with that cast. I answered, “But, I’ve been doing it, Sir.” He said, “You have?” laughed and walked on. I still can’t figure that guy out.

As soon as I finish this letter I’m going to dash down to the barber shop and get prettied up.

I can’t think of anything else so,
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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