don’t bring my moccasins

don't bring my moccasins

oct 29 1944 p2

Sunday, October 29, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Just finished a swell roast duck dinner, complete with filling, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes, and chocolate ice cream.

Marnie and Marion stopped in again for a while this morning and brought me a ship model and 3 big apples. They are leaving for Harmon this afternoon.

Last night I walked (?) down to the Red Cross for a show by an all-girls orchestra from a nearby college. They will be back this afternoon but as hostesses for another show. So I’ll hoof it down, I guess. (If I can’t get a chair.) They came around the wards yesterday as a sort of preview. I was going down the hall on my [way] to the A. & D. office to get a pair of socks from my barracks bag when I saw the whole mess of girls coming my way. There were so many of them that they blocked all traffic. So, I waited until they passed when suddenly my chair spun itself around and started going in the opposite direction (in the direction the girls were going.) I turned around and there was one of the girls pushing me and she said, “come on with us,” Naturally I replied, “OK!” So, I went to get my socks a little later. I was pushed down and back and found that they had issued an extra pair of fatigues, a good dog-tag chain, and insignia after I got hurt. My clothes, except my O. D. blouse which was very wrinkled, looked in pretty good condition.

I’m still in my private room. Really, I don’t know of anything I want you to bring let alone 2 cakes. Don’t bring my moccasins as I have cloth sandals to wear when I’m not wearing shoes, which by the way I started wearing my left one yesterday. It sure felt funny at first.

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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