short distance hops only

short distance hops only

oct 28 1944 p2

Saturday, October 28, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Today it’s official but in a screwy way. I mean I have the major’s permission to be on crutches without his actually saying so. I had asked him before and he never said no, but neither did he say yes. So, I can’t wait around and I asked a ward boy for a pair, anyway, which he gave to me yesterday. They are an old non-adjustable pair but they work. This morning when the major came around I had them propped up on my bed and still he didn’t say anything. As soon as he left my room, I got up and walked into the hall where the major was talking to another fellow who just got a pair of crutches too. He told him to get a shoe for his good foot because the sandals aren’t good for one’s arches. Then the major turns and says to me, “Since you’re on crutches you’d better get a shoe too.” “Yes, Sir!!!!” So, I’m on crutches, but for short distance hops only, so far. As it is now, my cast is too heavy for a long journey, but no longer will I be marooned my room when a wheel chair isn’t available.

I expected Marian to come around. Whoops! Here they are Marion and Marnie.— They just left but will be back later. I walked them down the hall quite a piece almost to the Red Cross.

I have to go and get a pair of socks from my barracks bag this afternoon. I had my civilian shoes upstairs.

Well, that’s all,
Love, Bru


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