Bruce gets a matching set of red pajamas

Bruce gets a matching set of red pajamas

oct 30 1944 p2

Monday, October 30, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

Played bingo last nite and again I won on the last number called of the last game. This time it was a deck of cards. So, I guess, I’ll have to start playing cards.

I wrote a letter to Betty yesterday but somehow I can’t remember addressing it to her, but to you instead. I’m not sure maybe I sent to her and maybe I didn’t. So if you get a letter that starts, “Dear Betty,” don’t think you’re crazy. Oh yes, you can read it, there’s nothing to be hidden. (I hope!- can’t remember exactly just what I did write.)

My crutches are now even less matched than before, because I found one adjustable crutch which I am using with the larger of the two old non-adjustable ones. It is easier to walk now.

I found out that a rainy season usually happens around this time. So, you had better come prepared. It’s getting cooler in the mornings and nights but still pretty warm during the afternoon.

This morning I received my first complete set of red pajamas. Until now I always wore a red jacket with my gray pajama pants when I went anywhere. Now I can get all dressed up in travelling clothes.

Well, that’s all,
Love, Bru


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