“I’m Mrs. Hirshorn and I want my room.”

oct 31 nov1 19440003

Weds. Nov. 1, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, and Paulie,

Well, a new month here already.

I expect, to my joy and regret, to be moved back into the ward soon. The nurse told me this morning but so far nothing has been done. I really got to like the private room with all its advantages, mainly those of privacy. I’ll do my darndest to stay here but….

Your room has been reserved for Fri. Nov. 10. I’ll give you more details about it when I find them out, but probably all you have to do is go to Red Cross Building, #2 and say, “I’m Mrs. Hirshorn and I want my room.”

We saw a marvelous picture last night . Brian Donlevy in “An American Romance.” It’s a technicolor story of an illiterate immigrant’s rise from a humble laborer to riches and a very important position in the automobile industry. It also shows the manufacture of steel and how cars and planes are made on the assembly line. Very interesting.

I got paid today, $72.20 – two months pay. I’ll keep ut a few bucks and put $70.00 in the fund giving me $142.00.

I don’t think the major gives furlough until the patient can walk without crutches and maybe in my case without a brace. That’ll take some time.

Well, that’s all,


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