My pants now owe their elevation to a belt from my gray pajama pants.

My pants now owe their elevation to a belt from my gray pajama pants.

nov 2 19440001

Thursday, November 2, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

When the major came around this moring, I told him that I was counting the days until I came out of the cast. He then asked me how long I was in and I told him 5 ½ weeks. I thought maybe he was going to take me out now, but all be did was look at me and say, “My, time flies, doesn’t it?” Then he walked out. If he doesn’t say the word when six weeks arrives, like he said it he would, I’ll raise holy murder.

Finally I got a pair of brand new adjustable, still sticky from varnish, crutches. One of my agents (a friend who works in the clinic) promised me a pair as soon as the new shipment came in. So, in he walks this morning and presents them to me.

The weather in mid-day is usually sunny, warm but I don’t know how hot. I don’t believe it tops 70. It may suddenly go one way or t’other so come prepared for all cases but I don’t think it will be so warm for much longer, but you never can tell.

Yesterday I got my belt from my fatigues in order to wear it on my red pants. HAW! The belt lacked at least 3 inches of coming together around my cast. My pants now owe their elevation to a belt from my gray pajama pants.

I was talking to a friend this morning when a nurse passed behind with a pan of water. As she passed I heard some water splash on the floor and felt a few drops on my toe. She excused herself and I said “that’s all right,” and kept on talking when suddenly I felt sort of cold in my posterior region. Upon closer examination my whole rear up to the middle of my back was soaked. I dashed out and got a whole set of clean pajamas with everybody laughing.

That’s all,
Love, Bru


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