A short, but jam-packed note to dad

A short, but jam-packed note to dad

nov 8 1944 p2

Wednesday, November 8, 1944

Dear Dad,

So Roosevelt’s safe for another four years-which reminds me that I’ll be old enough to vote in the next election. We stayed awake part of last nite listening to the election returns over the radio.

Yesterday we finally had a visit from a movie and radio star. Ginny Simms came around the wards and sang about half a dozen songs. She’s here for a 3 day visit touring the hospital.

I’m giving my leg calisthenics, working the ankle(which is OK now); making my knee cap move, and, above all, getting my knee back into condition. I believe it can move a little more that it could yesterday. I stood up for the first time without my cast and boy it didn’t seem as if the leg belonged to me. It just flapped and flopped, turned bright red, itched and felt as if it weighed a ton. After a few minutes it felt better and I could control it to do what I wanted it to do. I’ll probably stay in bed this week until I can bend the knee etc.
Well that’s all,
Love, Bru


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