Bruce gets his cast off! Warning: Kind of gross

Bruce gets his cast off!  Warning: Kind of gross

Tuesday, November 7, 1944

Dear Dad,

Yahoo! Yipee! I shed my plaster skin this morning and again I look like a human being. When the major came around this morning I said, “I feel like coming out today.” So, Naturally He filled out a slip, handed (it) to me, and said, “OK, you can go, now.” The cast was cut in half, by a plaster clipper. The top half was lifted off and I was lifted out of the bottom half. My leg was filthy with dirt, ingrained sweat, cotton covering and some drainage from the hole the traction pin made. So, all that had to be scrubbed off. In fact part of my leg was shaved because the hair was so clotted. My hip and ankle are none the worse for wear, a little sore at first, but my knee is really stiff. It will bend just a trifle and that’s all! This is to be expected, everybody has the same trouble, and it’s just exercise and time that will limber it up again.

I have to stay in bed for a few days until my leg gets a little stronger and I get used to it again. My leg feels practically normal. I can lift it and swing it but it gets tired soon. In a week or two I’ll have my brace and will be walking with two legs. Then I’ll be able to get a pass and go to town to see Mother and Paul.
Well, that’s all,
Love, Bru


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