What’s this? You only get 25 shots out of a six shooter anymore?

What’s this? You only get 25 shots out of a six shooter anymore?

dec 3 1944 p2


dec 3 1944 p3


Sunday, December 3, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad and Paulie,

For the past three days I’ve been the guest of the DeMaria’s, who are just one part of a large, happy Italian family. Mom, I can honestly say that at last I’ve found a family that rivals ours in size. All the women, from 2 yr. olds to the grandmother have good “American” names like Josie, Angelina, Stephena, Anna Maria, Viola and Lupe, while of course all the men are named Tony. They all live within a few blocks of each other practically out in the country. We have chickens and rabbits in the back yard and a few cows across the street. The house is a tiny 3 room and bath bungalow that reminds me of Pete Ross’s or Uncle Abe’s, but is very homey and comfortable. I’ve really enjoyed the home cooking, everything from chicken to chile. Mr. DeMaria is a very jolly, loud old boy who is free with the money and freer with the whiskey. When the bottle is passed around I always say no, but when it comes all mixed with ginger ale and ice, who am I to refuse? I’ve also had a few beers, too. It didn’t take long to become a member of this family who have been coming in visiting with clock-like precision. We have also been visiting so by now everybody knows me and calls me Bruce.

Last nite we went to see a wild west cowboy movie that Mr. DeMaria had to see. It wasn’t too bad, either. There was one terrific gun fight that had lead flying like the Battle of Aachen but, of course, nobody got hit. One cowboy (I don’t remember if he was a ‘goodie’ or a ‘badie.’ They both looked alike to me, anyway) having fired a few dozen shots without reloading finally came to the embarrassing situation of finding his gun empty. He then threw it away with a look of disgust on his face that seemed to say, “What’s this? You only get 25 shots out of a six shooter anymore?” I almost expected Jimmy Durante to pop out, slap his thighs and say, “Dat’s de conditions dat prevail!” I saw something that I never saw before; advertisements in the movies. Yep, they actually had a few minutes in which we see how good Frugaldooper’s Jewelry is, or where to get your keys sharpened. I might go again tonite with another Tony, a fat fellow about a year or two older than me.

The football game was swell. We won. Personally I didn’t care who won, but of course I rooted with Tony. Boy, these crutches are marvelous. Everyone stares, makes room, asks how I am and practically strews roses in my path.

Well, I think I’m all “writ” out.
Love, Bru


2 thoughts on “What’s this? You only get 25 shots out of a six shooter anymore?

  1. I finally got to ask Bruce about the DeMarias. Apparently, Tony DeMaria Jr. was in the air force and was home in Texas on leave when the big water basin that held the water for toilet flushing at his house fell on his head. So, he ended up in the hospital in Temple and he and Bruce became friends.

    Thanks to friend of the blog, Neil Bardhan, I have information to share about what became of Tony DeMaria, Jr. He opened a BBQ joint! See links:

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