A ride in a an MP wagon

A ride in a an MP wagon

dec 10 1944 p2

Sunday, December 10, 1944

Dear Folks,

I’m still walking but the major said to lay off until I get an x-ray taken tomorrow. Then, I guess, if it’s all right, he’ll let me really walk.

Last nite 2 fellows and I went to the basketball game. We waited about 15 minutes for a bus which was supposed to take us there. Becoming fed up I walked to the curb where 2 mp’s and their small truck was parked and I asked them if they knew anything about the bus. They said no but they’d be glad to take us. So, gladly, we piled in on a board seat and were wisked away to the game. Arriving there we were given their phone number if we wanted them to come and take us back. After the game, which was pretty good, we decided to call our taxi but nobody was home(at the guardhouse). We were just going to call again when they showed up and asked,”Are you the fellas who came here in the MP wagon. We said yes and went with them again all the way back to the ward. It was a lot of fun especially having 2 big MP’s helping in and out of a truck.

This afternoon I’m going to hear Paul Wittgenstein, the one armed pianist, at the Red Cross.

Tony’s address is: 723 Clifton St.
East Waco, Tex.

And I guess you’d address it to Mr. And Mrs. Tony De Maria. You’d better say who you are because I’m not sure they know our last name.

Well that’s all for now,
Love, Bru


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