I usually bop along on the sticks

I usually bop along on the sticks

Thursday, December 14, 1944

Dear Folks,

We’re still waiting for the pay-roll to come around, and until it does we are restricted to the ward.

I finished Betty’s wallet and even if I must say so myself, it looks very swanky, in its two-tone black and white outside and all black leather insides (with coin purse). If by any chance Betty calls to find out what it is, (I told her I was making something but not what it was) don’t tell her-keep her guessing.

My brace is past history, as far as I’m concerned. I walk (without crutches) to the mess hall (#1 or #2) and to Red Cross and PX. When I go to physio, which is pretty far, I usually bop along on the sticks. I’m pretty sure that as soon as my knee will bend further, I will walk without a limp.

The picture you saw of the whirlpool machine was the one used for arm and ankle treatment. The one I use is much deeper, so I can get most of my leg in.

Think I’ll see “To Have and Have Not” tonite. Looks pretty good.
I guess that’s all,
Love, Bru


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