Great Open Spaces

Great Open Spaces

Jan 22 1945 p2

Monday, January 22, 1945

Dear Folks,

I am leaving this afternoon for Hood, so I attended to all my back financial matters. They gave me $19.50 for ration money and $36.00 for last month’s pay. Since payday is about a week hence I don’t need too much money, so here’s a money order. Take out what was spent for Betty’s present and bank the rest. Also in the near future I will receive insurance for as many months I spent in the hospital as long as I spent 6 months. (which I have.)

Yesterday afternoon and nite were very nice and different. About 20 fellows piled into a few cars and a station wagon (I rode in that) and went seeing the countryside which is very nice. Sometimes we actually passed the great open spaces of which there are a few around here. Just endless fields and pastures. We went out to Baylor College. Then we all came back to the palatial mansion of Dr. Scott of Scott and White Hospital. There we had dinner and spent the rest of the nite being entertained by a few talented young music teachers at Baylor,- singer, pianist and violinist. There was a master sergeant in the party who was an expert at card tricks and he kept the affair going strong. It wasn’t bad at all.
Well, I’ll send you a new address tomorrow.

Love, Bru


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