An end to the good life

An end to the good life

Jan 22 1945 night p2

Monday nite, January 22, 1945

Dear Folks,

We arrived here in the afternoon and were shown to our ward. They are single floored wooden buildings with 34 beds in them. Our ward, a convalescent ward, has only 9 fellows in it. The whole morning is spent cleaning up as there are regular inspections daily. No one is allowed out of the ward until 1:00PM (except for meals) and there is only a PX and Red Cross Building to go to. No passes to go to town whatsoever. Personally I don’t think I’ll stay here too long, not more than a week, and will go to the convalescent center at North Camp-which is to the Station Hospital as Waco is to McCloskey.

I’ve seen 5 other fellows from McCloskey who came here about 2 weeks ago. Others went to North Camp.

We saw a soldier band tonite at the Red Cross.-pretty good.
Well that’s all,
Love, Bru


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