Bruce is tempted to use a four-letter word

Bruce is tempted to use a four-letter word

Tuesday nite, January 23, 1945

Dear Folks,

I found out, in a talk with a major, that I will be sent to North Camp in a few days. This afternoon we had a very interesting lecture on England. Tomorrow we’ll have a movie.

Tonite I won a nice fabric stationary holder. My luck still holds out. (In some things.)

The food here is nothing, absolutely nothing to brag about. Maybe the army calls it wholesome food, but for a hospital, it reminds one of a four letter word beginning with “s” and ending with a “p” (has an “L “ and “O” in between.). Oh maybe it isn’t that bad, but it is the worst I’ve had so far.

We had a few “very strenuous” exercises today, like “Ready breathe 1-2-3-4.” I also found a fellow from my old outfit who is still stationed at Hood. I didn’t have enough time to talk to him very much.

There’s a tiny library here and I took out Oscar Levant’s “Smattering of Ignorance.”

I guess that’s all,
Love, Bru


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