Bad Boy Bruce

Bad Boy Bruce

Jan 26 1945 p2

Friday, January 26, 1945

Dear Folks,

I’m writing this at the USO in Gatesville, Texas, which is the army town close to North Camp Hood. We were transferred this afternoon to the annex. The place is similar to the South Camp Hospital in looks but is run on a very GI basis,-practically like real army life again. We wear fatigues, not pajamas and have drills, classes, movies etc. Hikes are also given depending upon one’s ability. The more active ones are put in platoon 1, then 2, 3 and 4. Platoon 4 gets a lot of KP since they can’t hike and I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in that one for a while. Also 4th platoon men can’t get passes, but the other three can. As incoming patients we were automatically placed in platoon 4 until a talk with the medical officer. So I got a blank pass from a friend (friends are easy to make here) filled it in and had him forge an officer’s name. It really wasn’t necessary as nobody asked me for it anyway. Don’t worry I’m not turning into a bad boy, it’s just something every soldier does. If I get away with it, I’ll be pretty proud. We are going to see some movie later on. Oh yes, please be sure to put North Camp Hood.
I guess that’s all,
Love Bru


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