Wandering Bruce covers for a friend

Wandering Bruce covers for a friend

Jan 27 1945 p2

Saturday, January 27, 1945

Dear Folks,

Well, your wandering son is now reporting from Waco, Texas, where I’m spending the weekend ( Sat. afternoon till Sunday eve) with 4 other fellows. I just put in for a pass as if I was supposed to get one, and I got it. We found rooms in a large house that accommodates soldiers only. The place is full of 2 deck double beds. Comfortable, too.

Last nite everything went O.K. One of the fellows who went in with me disappeared (he found a friend and didn’t tell us he was leaving) so I came back without him. I wasn’t sure if he’d make it in by bed check (11 PM). So to make sure I ripped apart his bed, put the sheets and blankets underneath on his footlocker and rolled up the mattress to make it look like an unoccupied bed.
He came in 2 minutes before 11.

Will write tomorrow,
Love, Bru


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