Well, I have to wash some socks

Well, I have to wash some socks

Jan 28 1945 2

Sunday, January 28, 1945

Dear Folks,

Just got back from Waco (8:30 PM) and found 2 letters from you. Naturally I was very happy but I wonder why I haven’t heard from Betty yet, if I’ve already received 3 letters from you. Maybe she’s waiting for my Hood address, which I sent her.

Last nite was spent very comfortably with 11 other fellows in one room. I was in a 2-decked double bed, with a good spring and mattress. Today I went to the USO ate breakfast, played a lot of ping pong, read magazines and saw a movie. Later I went to the Jewish Welfare Board where nothing was happening then ventured to an open-house, dancing etc. in a church recreational hall. I stayed there for some time, came back into town, ate and left.

Tomorrow I have, for a change, K.P.!!! We get it pretty often here as there aren’t many fellows stationed in this hospital. In Waco I met, by chance, one of my buddies from my old outfit. He finished basic, had a 12 day furlough and was assigned to a live TD [tank destroyer] outfit at Hood.

Well I have to wash some socks,
Love, Bru


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