2nd platoon with a 5 mile hike

2nd platoon with a 5 mile hike

Feb 2 1945 2

Friday, February 2, 1945

Dear Folks,
This morning the major, in his weekly inspection said, “can you do the dismounted drill?” and I answered, “I think so, sir” (I know definitely that I can). Then he came out with “Think you can do some hiking now?” I said, “Well, I don’t know. I get tired pretty quickly.” But he answered, “Well, I think you can.” So now I’m in the 2nd platoon with a 5 mile hike to take on Monday. Incidentally that’s more than I’ve ever walked since I’ve been in the Army. So, I’ll just wait until Monday and see what happens.

This weekend I stay in for 2 good reasons. (1) KP on Sunday and (2) I’m broke. I have about $5 left but that has to last me until I get paid and I have no idea when that’ll be.

This afternoon we had a very brief USO show that lasted about 30 minutes. But it was pretty good.

Still can’t imagine why I haven’t received a letter from Betty. It’s been over 2 weeks now since I returned to Texas and that’s plenty of time for even a casual acquaintance to write let alone Betty. I hope nothing is wrong.
Well I guess that’s all,
Love, Bru

I imagine mail will come regularly starting tomorrow, at least I hope so.


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