All Cripples Fall Out in the Rear!

All Cripples Fall Out in the Rear!

Jan 30 1945 2Tuesday, January 30, 1945

Dear Folks,
My regular day wasn’t too regular, or didn’t follow according to strict schedule. We had some calisthenics, then 2 movies in the morning. In the afternoon we had some drill and altho I could do it, upon the call, “all cripples fall out in the rear.” I fell out and drilled with the cripples. It was really pitiful, a more disgusting sight I’ve never seen. Nobody cared about step or commands and all were putting on their best limp and joking and laughing all the time. Then late in the afternoon a lot of us were drafted into getting some unused wards into livable condition-cleaning up, making beds etc. The rumor is that McCloskey is expanding to South Camp Hospital which in turn is coming here. What we’re supposed to do now is beyond me. Someone said we’re to have no more reconditioning. I don’t know, rumors fly thick and fast.

Tonite I went back to North Camp and saw a few of my old friends.
I don’t know if I’m going to get paid this month because of my transfer and the exchequer is running low. So?
That’s all,
Love, Bru


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