Dish Room and Chilly Nights

Dish Room and Chilly Nights

Jan 29 1945 2Monday, January 29, 1945
Dear Folks,
Whew! I just finished my 12 hr. tour of K.P. I’m tired!!! Altho I was in the dish room all day it required being on my feet a good portion of the time, except when I could take breaks. At first we were all bawled up, everything went wrong. The machine wasn’t working properly or we didn’t know how to work it, but anyway all the large dishes were done by hand (mine). But at lunch and dinner we were on the ball and we finished the dishes and cleaning up in 2 hrs. each time.
No mail today. The weather began to get a little chilly yesterday, pretty cold at nite and early morning. So, I think I’ll dig out my long underwear-tops, I mean.
Tomorrow will start my regular day here. I signed for a course in General Science and German as a second choice. These courses are given one hr. daily.

That’s all I guess,
Love, Bru


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