A birthday with no snow

Feb 3 1945 p2

Saturday, Feb. 3rd, 1945

Dear Folks,

Hurray! Yippee! I finally got the mail! 3 from you, 2 letters and a birthday card from Betty and 2 boxes of cookies. One from you and one from Betty. Both toll house, too.

We had an inspection today, and I stood so stiff, while the officer looked me up and down and down and up, that my calves ached.

I just can’t imagine that today is my birthday. It isn’t snowing! In fact today was the warmest day this week. Very balmy and sunny. Beautiful day.

Please give Betty any good pictures of me. And just as a matter of curiosity, just what did you and Betty have such a chat over. Huh?

Yes, I received the $2.00 back in McCloskey, but I don’t have it any more.

Just for a change I’m on KP tomorrow. I suppose I’ll get it once a week. I think I’ll volunteer for it again next Friday so I won’t have on the weekend. This weekend I don’t mind because I’m broke, but next week, if I get any money I’d like to visit Dallas.

I guess that’s all,



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