so I used big words and tried to sound intelligent

Feb 7 1945 p2

Weds. Feb 7, 1945

Dear Folks,

Something’s in the wind.  At roll call today, all the former McCloskey-ites who are up for re-assignment were called down to the main office.  There we were interviewed individually by a Lt.  He asked me my educational background and what my former outfit was.  The idea he explained is that our names were submitted to him for training in a reconditioning program.  If we’re chosen we are sent to a school to study either physical or educational reconditioning.  After this course we are sent to a hospital as instructors in the subjects we studied.  I said that I liked the idea and asked if I could be chosen for the educational program.  He just wrote down facts and said “That’s all.  Thank you.”

I have no idea if I’ll be chosen or not but it didn’t sound too bad so I used big words and tried to sound intelligent.  HA.  I don’t know whether this is a good deal or not but we will be limited service and in the Army Service Forces – probably Medical Corps.  That doesn’t particularly go with me, but maybe it’s for the best.  The majority of the fellows interviewed said they turned down the offer, narrowing the choice of men and also I have the highest educational background of the bunch.  Don’t get any false hopes about anything because it is all very indefinite.

I’ve had the extraordinary luck to have my Garrison Hat stolen.  I went in to get it last nite, and presto! it’s gone.  I have no idea who swiped it but if I catch him…So tonite I have to go to town and buy me an overseas hat with TD braid.  -Received the check but so far don’t know where I can cash it.  I hope I can.  That’s all.  Love,



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