Make sure to write a juicy letter if you want Bruce to be happy.

Make sure to write a juicy letter if you want Bruce to be happy.

Feb 5 1945 p2

Monday, February 5, 1945

Dear Folks,

Well it seems as if I can walk 5 miles, at least, because I did this afternoon. My leg didn’t bother me and I wasn’t so tired as I thought I’d be. At first we started out sort of fast and I had some trouble keeping up until I just walked at my pace and forgot about the leaders but on the way back, it was no trouble at all, as the cadence was slowed down.

We had some exercises this morning in which we were tested. Naturally I couldn’t do the squat jumps because I can’t squat and the 300 yd. dash because I can’t dash. But what I could do, I did pretty good.

Carl, (the fellow who had a break similar to mine) went back to duty today. I have no idea where or what it was, as neither did he. I doubt very much if he went back into the infantry.

This morning all I got was a birthday card from the Komins, but no other mail. For some reason or other, no mail was delivered this afternoon. So, again I have to wait. I appreciate the thought and sentiment and stuff when people send birthday cards or get-well cards but i certainly DON’T like to receive them. Getting mail, LETTERS, absolutely raises moral but it is a disappointment to see the familiar shaped envelope containing something you’re not even going to read and immediately throw away, instead of a nice juicy letter with plenty in it. Even a post card is better.

Oh well, enough of this,


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