a very distinct “boom!”

Feb 8 1945 p2

Thurs. Feb. 8, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today I made 7 miles. I had no trouble with my leg or knee whatsoever, but naturally my feet got pretty darn tired. I kept with the platoon up to about 1/2 mile from the hospital when the cadence was increased and also I knew we would soon have to walk at attention at the close of the hike. So, not wanting to exert myself any more than necessary, I fell out and walked along slowly in the rear with 5 others. We came back at 2 (leaving at 12) and I lay down and before I knew t had slept until 4:30 – chow time.

Today’s food was about the best in variety and balanced meals that I’ve ever eaten in the army. For lunch besides ham and potatoes we had peas and beans, carrots and corn. And for supper – spaghetti, potatoes, asparagus tips and spinach. Even at McCloskey we never had so many vegetables.

I talked to the officer who interviewed me yesterday again, entirely on my own tho. He had no more to say except that he was just told to submit our names. He has no idea if, how, and when we will be chosen. Maybe nothin’ll develop who knows? I don’t!

The weather today was perfect in fact, a little too HOT for an enjoyable hike but beautiful nevertheless. Bright sun, clear sky, etc. All during the day, and every day (and night too, at times) we hear the artillery boys at Hood, practicing on the range. Sometimes it’s a dull booming, like banging on a large kettle or pan, while today, the guns must have been closer at the explosions were louder and a very distinct “boom!”

That’s all,


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