Bruce backtracks to avoid Jewish mother worry about food

Bruce backtracks to avoid Jewish mother worry about food

Feb 9 1945 p2

Fri. Feb. 9, 1945

Dear Folks,

I was called down to the office today, sort of expecting something about the reconditioning program, but all they wanted was to know the number of my army insurance policy. They said to write home for it, so I guess you were sent a receipt or something containing the number. Probably when i first entered the Army. So please try to find it and send it to me. Just the number.

The major came around today on his weekly medical inspection. Before he came I noticed on my record that I was rated “fair” in the two marches. Because I fell out, I guess. Now that they probably only expect a similar grade for all new marches, I can take it easy. They’ll never (I hope) send a fellow to regular duty who can only march “fair”. What I CAN do is actually better but I’m satisfied this way. He asked me how the marches were and I replied, Well sir, pretty hard, especially the 7 mile one.” He said, All right, we’ll keep you in the second platoon for another week.” That was what I wanted. Altho I probably have to take the 5 and 7 miler over again. I don’t have to take the 9 and 15 in the first platoon.

I’ll send the tins home tonite. The cookies and cake were wonderful. Now I really can appreciate food from home because I’m hungry all the time. Not that I don’t eat enough, but I guess an active life keeps me hungry. Ah nuts! Not REALLY hungry, mind you, but able to nosh, in other words.

Yes, I did receive the $2.00 (If I hadn’t said so before) and also the check. OK?
That’s all,


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