Baptist church and horseback riding

Baptist church and horseback riding

Feb 11 1945 p2

Sun. Feb. 11, 1945

Dear Folks,

Our Sunday was all that we expected and then some. We left in a military bus for Gatesville at 9:30 and arrived soon at the USO where we divided into 2s and 3s with a civilian. Then we were all driven to CHURCH (Baptist). We arrived at about 10:30 and left at 1:00. Oh what torture! At first they sang some songs and said a few prayers and then we went to a ramshackle shack for a Sunday school lecture. That wasn’t too bad but we had to come back to the church again for more songs, prayers and a special sermon by a visiting preacher. This preacher, a Mexican or Spaniard, was the most violent orator, let alone preacher, I’ve ever heard. He raved, ranted, pounded, ran around and up and down. He talked (roared) so loud and fast that it was impossible to understand half of what he said. That lasted for ages then we all had to bow our heads and close our eyes while the choir sang and the mad-man pleaded with the un-saved ones present to come forward and be saved. 3 came forward and soon the session was over. Whew!

Then Don (my pal) and I went back to this civilian house. It’s on a 1600 acre ranch of which 500 acres are pasture land for live stock. He also grows wheat, corn, and cotton. The farmer had two nice looking daughters and also a few other people were there. After dinner we went for a car ride around the area and then after I had been hinting all day, saddled up a horse and let me ride. They went into hysterics when I got on and rode away. I tried to climb on but every time I got half way up the saddle started sliding, and down I came. Finally I made it, but the horse wouldn’t go. One of the girls started him and I couldn’t stop him. I yelled, “Help!” and pulled the reins. Dobbin stopped. After a while I got used to it and took him out on the road where I started to go pretty fast. I went up and down for about 10 minutes at what was probably a trot but seemed like a gallop to me. I passed a car where occupants stared at me. I turned the horse around and went back and forth getting quite a bouncing. Oh! Oh! I dismounted and Don tried it. After dinner, they were going to take us to church again before going back to Gatesville but we talked our way out of it by saying we had to be in early and catch the 8:30 bus. I came back and found your letter containing the pictures. Weren’t there more? That’s all,



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