For a change, I have KP tomorrow

For a change, I have KP tomorrow

Feb 13 1945 p2

Tues. Feb. 13, 1945

Dear Folks,

Today I made another 5 mile stroll. It wasn’t bad at all, but I’ll fall out at the end of the 7 miler as usual. (even if I don’t feel tired) The days are becoming routine and for a change I have KP tomorrow.

It’s rumored that we might get paid in the near future, maybe tomorrow. Yesterday I had another period of exercise for my knee. I guess we’ll get it once a week. If I stand on the pedals, or try real hard, I can just turn the wheel of a bicycle around. I didn’t think I could do it.

Last nite another fellow and I signed out a hand operated victrola and some classical and semi-classical records from the Red Cross and brought them to the ward. We played them for a few hours before ‘lights out’

I haven’t received any boxes of candy or nuts that you said are on the way. I hope they come soon.

Over the past weekend so many fellows have shipped out that the ward was practically empty. Only 11 beds in use out of 27. But today 11 new fellows came in so we’re back to normal.

I haven’t heard any thing more on that reconditioning deal. The latest is that we’re still being “considered”.

I’m reading “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”, having seen the movie twice. Have you seen it?

I guess that’s all,



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