I don’t see how I ever jumped into that ravine.

I don’t see how I ever jumped into that ravine.

Feb 16 1945 p2

Friday, February 16, 1945

Dear Folks,
Even if I didn’t say so, I believe my progress record would have kept me in the second platoon another week. Everything was just the way I wanted it, a fair mark on the marches, a limp as a handicap, but good attitude. One of my McCloskey pals is shipping out tomorrow. He also was interviewed for the reconditioning deal but we both doubt if we’ll get it. I talked to the captain today about it and he said he didn’t know any more than we do now.
Tonite I went back to my old haunting ground again. (North Camp) I found out that the remainder of my old outfit who remained at Hood are shipping out tomorrow and Wednesday. The former for Fort Ord, Cal. and the latter for Fort Bragg, N.C. We’re pretty sure they’re going over. So again I missed an overseas shipment. By the way, I’m pretty sure, if not positive that I’m in class D-non-combat material. Class D can be sent over, however but for non-combat duties. But to get back to tonite, I couldn’t see my old buddy there, so I walked back to my old barracks and company area. I strolled around, thinking how it was when I was there. I must have been in a very reminiscent mood or I’m crazy, for I walked all the way thru fields, thorns and briars to the exact spot where I got hurt. I just stood there and looked down. It looked like Grand Canyon. I don’t see how I ever jumped into that ravine. It was close to 12 feet deep and 15 feet across to the point where I landed. The banks are of clay covered with grass and weeds, and now there is a stream flowing at the bottom. Last summer it was dry. As I walked back I thought that this was the second time I had been out there but the first time I walked back.
If possible another fellow and I are going to go to Dallas over the weekend. IF a million things don’t happen. So I may not write for a day or two.
That’s all
Love, Bru
P.S. Do get Stan’s address for me


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