the society of “Blistery Feet”

the society of “Blistery Feet”

Feb 15 1945 p2

Thursday, February 15, 1945

Dear Folks,
As it must happen to every soldier, and I’m no exception I was honorably initiated today into the society of “Blistery Feet.” Mine occurred on todays’ 8-mile jaunt, during which I dropped behind per usual (and also because my right heel hurt like hell). Luckily my blister was in the “infant” stages-it was, however, abnormally large for its age- so I had it lanced, washed and dressed immediately upon finishing the hike. So now I’m sporting another beautiful bandage-for a change. Today was actually sweltering, very uncomfortable for hiking and we all came in drenched with sweat. Imagine that in the middle of February.
Yesterday’s KP was fun, at least in the morning, when again I acted like a waiter in a short order house. The officers came up, gave me their order, and I turned and yelled it thru a window leading to the kitchen. “One scrambled, two turned over!” Then I drew their coffee.
Tomorrow we see the major again, and I’ll try to stay in the second platoon one more week, or if possible until I’m shipped out. We’re here 3 weeks tomorrow, so we should leave soon.
In reply to your question, we just go out 2 ½ miles then return on the 5 mile hike-3 ½ on the 7.
I guess that’s all,
Love, Bru


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