1940s-style couchsurfing in Dallas

1940s-style couchsurfing in Dallas

Feb 18 1945 p2 feb 18 1945 p3 feb 18 1945 p4

Sunday Feb. 18th, 1945

Dear Folks,

Greetings from Dallas. Yes, another fellow and I finally made it to Texas’s metropolis. It’s about 140 miles from Hood to Dallas and we hitch hiked that distance in the amazing time of 4 hours in 4 rides. From Hood to Gatesville, Gatesville to Waco (suburbs), suburbs to town, then a bus to the Dallas highway, and a ride from the highway to Dallas. The ride from Gatesville to Waco, (30 miles) was made with a captain in a brand new black shiny beautiful Cadillac. This captain was post-surgeon at North Camp, and looked and reminded me very much like Uncle Harry.

After arriving in Dallas we went to the USO where we met (by plan) a friend who started out with us but got a ride for one, direct to Dallas. We walked around, ate – I had a swell Chinese dinner for 50 cents and saw a movie. The weather, un-beknownst (?) to us had and was going to take a turn for the colder, and we were without overcoats. So, digging into our dwindling bank accounts (mine stands at $3.31 now) we bought a sleeveless, all wool sweater ($1.95) which suffices. This friend thought he could get us a room (free) for the nite at the house of some relatives where he was going to spend the nite, but the extra room was sold. Then, Bob and I came back to the USO and applied for a room. We were given the address of a private home for which there is no charge (hospitality service).

We went there, which turned out to be a very beautiful stone bungalow in the Dallas residential district. A Mr. and Mrs. Lewis live there and were very gracious, giving us a good nite’s sleep and breakfast in the morning.

We came back to the USO this morning and soon we’re going to our friends’ house. We probably leave for camp in the early afternoon.

I don’t think I told you this before. You know I talked to the captain about the reconditioning deal and in the ensuing conversation he got my name and the fact that I went to college. NOW, I received the insurance policy no. and took it down to the office. The captain was there and suddenly he asked another soldier there, “I wonder where I can get in touch with this man Hirshorn?” “Hirshorn?” I said, “I’m Hirshorn.” He looked at me and said, “Well, this is something. Come here, sit down.” He asked me a few questions about if I can talk (speech) (I replied yes) then asked me if I would like to take over the news lectures about 3 times a week as sort of a probationary period. Another soldier said that he could certainly use me in the program at the hospital during the period I’m stationed there. Now, this is purely temporary and has nothing to do with the reconditioning program itself but it is a start and maybe I can get specially recommended. I don’t know, tho. At least I believe, I hope!! this will get me out of KP and maybe drill and marches. I start my class on Tue. so Monday I have an appointment to get briefed on how and what to say. My friend Bob, another college man is taking over the General Science class. Well, that’s all. I still don’t know when I’ll get paid.
Love, Bru

I bought a TD insignia and had it sewn on. I’m sending another to Betty.


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