one moron said he fell asleep

Feb 19 1945 p2

Monday, February 19, 1945

Dear Folks,

Miracle of miracles!  We got paid today so you can disregard my plea for financial assistance. (If you didn’t send it already.)  We went to South Camp to get paid and while we were there I picked up my 2 pairs of G. I. glasses.  Now I have 3 pairs of glasses.  I guess I’ll alternate every other day or something.  Also,  I received the box of nuts and the 2 different kinds of candy.  My foot locker is so full I can barely close it.  Oh yes.  Also the lock. Thanks.

Today I started work.  I talked for ¾ of an hour in the orientation (news) class of which I am instructor.  I sort of resuméd the pacific war from Pearl Harbor on.  If we don’t hike tomorrow I’ll have to shoot my mouth off again.  The educational fellow (not the captain) complemented me on my talk and one moron said he fell asleep.  What can I do?  You can’t please everybody so I’d better do what’s best for me.

We’re going to a movie tonite.  I was told I’ll probably get out of KP.  My friend said he’d fix it up.  I hope so.  If I don’t get anything else out of this deal, that’ll be enough.

That’s all,

Love, Bru

P.S. lay off the sweets for a while.  I’m knee deep in them now.


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