I have exactly 83¢ to my name

Feb 19 1945 pstcrd side 2


Monday, February 19, 1945

Dear Folks,

Dallas trip con’t.-We went to our friend’s house stayed a while and left.  Before going back to town we went sightseeing in the Park where they have a beautiful fairground. It looks like a miniature of the N.Y. World’s Fair and is open every year for a state fair.  We saw the museum of Natural History (which was open) and the Cotton Bowl (Football Field).  They also have a nice amusement park but we didn’t have time.  We left, ate (Chinese again) caught a trolley to the highway and hitched a ride to Waco.  It started to rain so we saw the new thin man movie, and caught a bus for Gatesville.  I want to go back next week because Alec Templeton is appearing there with the Houston Symphony.  But I have exactly 83¢ to my name.  Could I have some money before this weekend so I could go?  I should get paid by the first but that’s too late.

Love, Bru


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